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North Beach Staff Roster
District Logo
                           District Office
                           2652 St Rt 109 Ocean City WA 98569
                           P.O. Box 159 Ocean Shores  WA 98569 
Stanley Pinnick Superintendent
David Wayman Superintendent
Karen Ellingson Spec. Services Dir.
John Fry Maintenance Dir.
Lisa Gideon District Nurse
JoLynn VanGundy Transportation Dir.
Mike Klemetson Food Service Dir.
Patti Leslie Fin. Asst/Stu Records Coor
Sharon Reason Spec. Services Asst.
Patrice Timpson Admin. Asst/Tech Coord
Sharon Wilme Business Manager

                                                         Pacific Beach Elementary
                                                         11 Fourth St Pacific Beach WA 98571
                                                          P.O. Box 338 Pacific Beach WA 98571
PBE Falcons  
Lynette Reime Principal
Rhonda Adams Teacher
Diane Bjerke Teacher
Erik Curley Teacher
Lanie Fry Prog. Facilitator
Heather Johnson Secretary
JanetKaech Teacher 
Curtis  Leitch  Teacher 
Marci Martin Teacher 
John    McKown    Custodian
Carol Ross Teacher
Lisa Villar Teacher

                                                         Ocean Shores Elementary
                                                         300 Mt Olympus AVE SE
                                                         Ocean Shores WA 98569 
OSE Cougars                                            360-289-2147
Rhonda Ham Principal
Michael Barbero Teacher
Diane Bjerke Teacher
Melinda Bonnelle Para
Sabrina  Carmichael  Para 
Erik Curley Teacher
Kelly    Eddy Teacher
Kleeta Gamble Para
Mollee  Gemar  Teacher 
Martin Griss Custodian 
Kristin Hieronymus Prog. Facilitator
Elizabeth  Jensen  Para
Julie Joy Teacher
Trisha King Teacher
Mercedes Lamphier  Teacher
Lori McCracken  Teacher 
Christy   Moore Teacher
Michelle Mosley Para
Duncan Polk Para
Karen Rasmussen Teacher
Rick Rasmussen Custodian
Stephanie  Riekkola  Para 
Beth Rockey Teacher
Angi Schreiber  Secretary 
Merrilu  Sparagno  Para 
Joann Sutter Prog. Facilitator
Kitty Thayer Teacher
Richard Villar Teacher
Ida Warbington Teacher
Jeanne Weichelman Teacher

                                 North Beach Jr/Sr High School
                                 336 St Rt 109 Ocean Shores WA 98569
                                 P.O. Box 969 Ocean Shores WA 98569 
Brett    Mackey Principal
Wendy McCoy Asst. Principal/Curriculum Director
Andrew  Archer Teacher
Patty Beach Kitchen
Shelly Boring Para
Paul Bouma Teacher
Todd Bridge Teacher
Jodi Brown Attendance Clerk
Janet Corey Kitchen
Erik Curley Teacher
Mary Duncanson Para
Denny Fry Teacher 
Peter    Fry Teacher 
Santiago Galeana Custodian
Diane    Gibby Teacher
Bill Henry Custodian
Lyssa    Hogarty Teacher
Doris House Kitchen
Susan Krause Teacher
Wendy Leighty Teacher
Larry Moore Teacher
Nicole  Muth  Para 
Mary Nelson Teacher/Counselor
Susan Olds Para
Denise Reed Secretary 
Maynard Reed Teacher
Penny Reither Teacher
Mary Roskelley Secretary 
Joann  Stearns  Kitchen 
Sandi Swanson  Para 
Kevin Traer Teacher
Richard Villar Teacher
James Vogler Teacher
Kelly  Wedum  Teacher
Bob Wiley Teacher
                                       Transportation Department
                                       350 St Rt 115 Ocean Shores WA 98569
                                       P.O. Box 159 Ocean Shores WA 98569 
JoLynn VanGundy Supervisor
Amy    Butler Driver
Miriam Groesse Driver
Linda  Harris Drive 
Michael Hawkins Driver
Melissa Parrish Driver
Cyndy    Pippin    Driver
Gloria Smith-Brattain Driver
Gary Weiler Driver